Singin’ in the Rain


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A wonderful musical about Hollywood’s transition from silent to talking films.

I have this real love-hate thing with Gene Kelly-so talented, so handsome, so much fun to watch…then he starts his whole hyuck-hyuck ‘ain’t I cute’ thing and I just want to watch him being pecked to death by crazed ducks…chez otter it’s known as him ‘pulling his hat over his ears’, which is often what happens during one of these episodes.

But, even given Mr. Kelly’s propensity to overdo the comedic aspects of his oeuvre, this one is a winner. The plot is fast and funny, the songs and musical numbers are just fabulous, especially, of course, the Singin’ in the Rain number, and also including Beautiful Girls, which has been rewritten into Jack’s theme song.

Debbie Reynolds is cute as a perky little button, and Jean Hagen plays an evil film star that you just love to hate. And Donald O’Connor. Is he a honey or isn’t he? I really can’t decide. Charming, funny, the bluest eyes you ever saw, a great supporting actor…but a honey? Hm. Anyway, he’s worth watching for sure.

Interesting fact: the major plot point is that Debbie Reynolds’ character does the voice/singing for Jean Hagen’s character in the movie that is being made…in reality, Jean Hagen herself supplied the voice/singing that Debbie Reynolds was pretending to do for her for this picture. Now THAT’S Hollywood!

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