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Total honey Humphrey Bogart in Damascus, set in 1925. He’s a gunrunner, and of course falls for a french officer’s mistress, and in the end Does The Right Thing.

According to Mr. Otter, Bogart and Gable used to have a running joke about which of them had done the most truly terrible movies. This one is a serious contender for Bogie.

Sure, he’s fine, doing his usual tough-guy-with-a-heart-of-gold pose. But there’s very little action, a whole lot of talking, and Bogie’s Syrian partner who does the extremely fey little ‘happy dance’ is so incredibly annoying that it’s not even worth seeing this for Bogie. Even Zero Mostel is whiny and annoying (as he often is) but NOT funny (rare).

A totally forgettable Casablanca wannabe. Skip it.

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