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The Men in Black are back…is it a good thing?

I really really loved the first MIB– funny, different, well written, amazing. Serious Honeys Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were at the top of their form. I have watched it several times, and laugh like an idiot every single time.

Then the sequel appeared…hm. Not so good, as is the way with sequels. I was not happy.

Then this one came out, and got good word of mouth…Spider Jerusalem saw it and liked it, and is generally to be trusted. So we ordered it from Netflix, Mr. Otter disappeared for the evening, and we settled down to watch it.

A bit darker. The agents are more inclined to shoot first and ask questions later.. The bad guy is pretty nasty (as if a giant world-destroying cockroach wasn’t nasty? okay, you got me there) and the whole aspect is darker. And there’s Emma Thompson (who is THIS CLOSE to being a Serious Honey but not quite there. Keep up the good work, Emma! you and that cute smile might make it yet…) but she doesn’t get to do much.

And the plot? time travel. Not enough that we have all the alien stuff going on, there’s now time travel. So of course, there are plot holes you could drive a mack truck through.

It was actually not so bad; certainly better than the second one, and Josh Brolin (playing a young K, so basically he was doing an amazing Tommy Lee Jones impersonation all the way through it) was really really good. The ending was satisfying, which made up for a lot of the stupidity of the second movie.

But here’s the thing: as soon as Jones and Smith showed up, something looked funny. They didn’t look right. I kept trying to figure it out. Different makeup? different lighting? older? Then when Smith went back in time and was with Josh Brolin, I figured it out: Brolin is WAY SHORTER than the man he’s playing the younger version of, so they had to make Smith look like he’s taller than Jones during the whole movie so the height difference doesn’t show up as readily…but if you’ve seen the other movies, the change in their respective verticality is really obvious.

And how do I know I was right about this?

  • Will Smith 6′ 1″
  • Tommy Lee Jones 6′ 1/2″
  • Josh Brolin 5′ 10″

Thank you,!

Other than that, it’s okay. Aside from the time-travel holes, the plot is good, the ending is good, and it seems to be (moviegods willing) the end of the franchise on the screen.

Watch it, enjoy the good parts, no need to buy it.

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