Soul Music


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From the novel of the same name by Terry Pratchett

This is the first of the two Discworld books that were turned into animated TV series in England, and are now available on DVD, the other being Wyrd Sisters.

Death (after having to do his job on his adopted daughter and her husband) gets tired of his work and wants to forget everything…in the meantime, his granddaughter has to take over for him. She falls in love with a bard who has been taken over by a new kind of music, Music With Rocks In It.

This one is not quite as excellent as the other Discworld animated story, although it’s still pretty good…one reason is that when it was made into a dvd, unlike Wyrd Sisters, it was left in an episodic format instead of being spliced together into a continuous movie…very distracting.

But otherwise, good story, good characters, good jokes. A lot of fun to watch, go and rent it.

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