South Pacific


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The Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about Navy personnel on a tiny island in the South Pacific in WWII, based on the book Tales of the South Pacific by James Michener.

Pretty darn good, I have to say. They went back to the original book to tighten up the story and plot, and this one is MUCH better than the version from the 50s, which is a real yawner.

Glenn Close is too old for the role she’s playing, but she does a good job of pretending to be 20; the actor playing De Becque (Rade Sherbedgia) was very good, a nice baritone, and Harry Connick Jr. was WONDERFUL, he just achieved Honey status.

Mr. Otter’s alter ego, Historian-on-a-Stick, reared up at the beginning of this and started spitting fire, but calmed down when it turned out to be a good production, so that’s ok…but one thing did annoy us both: they had a group of African-American sailors in the cast, who sometimes kept together in a clique, but sometimes mixed in with the white sailors at mess or working…although nice to see, it’s TOTALLY INACCURATE AND WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. Yes, it’s a musical, but it really looks like they’re trying to get the period detail right on this one…guess they thought that making a point was more important.

A good version, if you like musicals give it a try, you probably won’t be disappointed.

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