South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut


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Taken from the cartoon tv series, South Park. If you’ve seen it, it’s the same but more…if you haven’t seen the tv series…well, buckle your seat belt, it’s quite a ride…

So the Beckster and I were visiting the Barracuda, and we decided to watch a movie and drink heavily. We picked this one (none of us having seen the tv show) because we wanted something really dumb to mock.

Were we ever surprised.

Not only by the crude language, violence, racial epithets, rude situations etc. etc. etc…but by the fact that it was FUNNY. and BRILLIANT. And INCREDIBLY rude and offensive as well…a perfect blend of humor and outrageousness, created by people with a lot of talent. The dialogue is sharp, funny, fast and topical…and the songs are wonderful, especially Blame Canada and the big showstopper takeoff on Les Miz…what a hoot.

Now, I have to say right here that Mr. Otter and I don’t have television…we have a box in our video room that shows movies, but nothing comes in from the outside world, and we like it that way. So when everyone was talking about South Park, we figured it was like the Simpsons, just stupid and crude but not particularly funny…and were we ever wrong about this one. So we have indeed gone out and bought all the South Park episodes that are available on DVD, and watch them over and over, and laugh our butts off.

But YMMV. This is not for everyone, so if you are INCREDIBLY OFFENDED or think this movie is IN BAD TASTE or that kids don’t actually talk like that, just quietly slink away and don’t admit it around us.

And if you do like this movie, try Trey Parker’s first effort, Cannibal: The Musical…it’s pretty darn good too.

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