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A parody of Star Wars by Mel Brooks

For many years, especially after suffering through History of the World part I, I have said that Mel Brooks only made four funny films: The Producers, The Twelve Chairs, Blazing Saddles, and Young Frankenstein.

And most of what he made after that was just plain awful. Especially the aforementioned History of the World part I.

But whenever I would say that, people would say, no, Spaceballs was funny! you haven’t seen Spaceballs? you have to see it! it’s the funniest movie ever!

So okay, now I’ve seen it. We watched it with Otterniece and my great-nephew Flash. And it was funny. In parts.

It’s a parody of Star Wars. There are funny parts, and not-so-funny parts. I found my attention wandering to my computer screen and this kickass new game I’ve been playing during the not-so-funny parts, but then a funny part would come up, and I’d be laughing along with everyone else.

So yes, it has moments of funniness. The rest is not so awful that one should avoid it. Worth seeing. Once. Maybe twice. May the Schwartz be with you and all that.

But I think it’s time to see one of The Four again…for the umpteenth time…

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