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From the comic book of the same name. A geeky student is transformed into a super hero, and saves the city from the bad guy.

What a great movie! Now, I have never, to my knowledge, read a Spider-Man comic in my life; however, he is such a part of pop culture that I do know a little about him, and the milieu in which he operates, and just like Batman captured the brooding, dark feeling of Gotham City and the Batman series, Spider-man is a perfect expression of a more light-hearted kind of story…the scene of him flinging himself down the street, yelling “Ya-HOO!” was priceless.

The special effects were very good, of course, but the real winner here is Tobey Maguire. Not only perfect as the ordinary guy turned superhero, but imagine if you will an action movie with real character development taking place…boggles the mind. And Willem Dafoe, as the psychotic bad guy, was also excellent, way over the top.

Definitely worth the entrance fee, and Maguire, although a little too young to be a serious honey, is certainly a contender. Check back in 10 years.

Reality police: Give me a break. Mary Jane Watson is a redhead…and wears THOSE COLORS? Red and lavender? I don’t think so. Should be the fashion police instead, and the costumer should be dragged away kicking and screaming.

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