Spirited Away


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A girl has to rescue her parents from an evil witch who has enchanted them.

Let me say for the record: I do not like anime.* I have seen several examples of it and am just not impressed. I don’t get it. The only good use I’ve ever found for the stuff is to sell it on Ebay and make a bundle. Every anime movie that someone has given me to watch has just left me completely nonplussed.

Well, given all that, although I knew it had won an Oscar, and was a big hit in the theatres, I really only watched it to humor my Dragon-in-law.

He was right. It was great. The story was well written, the girl’s character was believeable, the animation was of the quality of a really good picture book (than which there is nothing better) and many parts of it were actually magical. It’s funny and sweet and a little bit scary.

Now, I have to admit, I’m sure there was a TON of stuff in it that made references to Japanese culture and folklore that I knew completely nothing about…and yet, it was still understandable and appealing to me without this background, and the dubbed voices were excellent.

This one is a real winner, I can’t wait to own it and see it again…and again.

*This has completely changed in the years since this review was written, I now watch anime and read manga and like them very much.

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