Super Size Me


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Morgan Spurlock decided to see what would happen if he ate nothing but McDonalds, three meals a day, for thirty days…and he does.

This is a really good documentary. Not only is Spurlock funny and interesting to watch, but he covers a variety of related topics in this total repudiation of the McDonaldsization of America.

He’s a good director, and keeps what would otherwise be a foaming diatribe funny, focused and interesting, while still getting his point across. Now, even a junk food junkie such as I would never think of eating three meals a day from any fast food provider, much less from Mickey D’s (I think I have not actually bought food from there for at least 5 years…but there is a Jack in the Box across the street from my work, and there they know me by name, alas…)

So I was prepared to see this, take it with a grain of salt (or maybe one of those little paper packets), and just be amused by it. But damn. What he went through was kind of amazing, and really makes me think twice about all this deep fried crap (my description of my favorite meal) that I’m shoveling into my bod. Ew.

Don’t go if you’re easily offended by a thin person talking about how fat Americans are and are becoming, or if proselytizing makes you mad…but this was an interesting movie, and certainly will make you think about the way you eat, and what you eat *without* thinking about it, which is scarier.

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