Suspect Zero


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Two FBI agents are brought back together to track down the person who is psychically tracking down and killing serial killers.

Mr. Otter and I were on The Great Dinosaur Trip of ’04, in Great Falls, Montana, and had a free afternoon for sauntering and shopping.

And, as it happened, our campground was near a movie theatre.

Well, said we, let’s go catch a flick!

And so we saw this one…partly because the previews looked good (me) and partly because Ben Kingsley and total honey Carrie-Anne Moss were in it (both of us).

And as far fetched as the plot sounds, it was really good. Well plotted, well acted, suspenseful, a little oogie (but not much), really really good.

Until the last ten minutes, when, true to the compelling force of plot over common sense, it all fell apart. People started doing stupid things for no reason, and my disbelief hit the ground with a huge THUD. The very end was extremely predictable and unsatisfying and totally didn’t work for me.

realpolReality police (and they do indeed have jurisdiction over FBI actors, thank goodness): I would rather it had been bad all the way through, I felt so disappointed to be enjoying it so much only to have the writer/director/powers that be thumb his/her/their nose(s) at me and start making these really interesting and believeable characters do stuff worthy of a Jim Carrey movie: “Nah, we don’t need backup, we’re too emotionally involved in solving our case to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that the suspect doesn’t get away and kill anyone else.”

Okay, they didn’t actually SAY anything this stupid, but they sure did it.

Not to mention that a young child rattling around in the back container of a big rig during a high speed chase and several collisions would be mincemeat when the truck was finally stopped, instead of merely bruised a bit. Hel-LO, that’s why there are laws about wearing seatbelts, y’know?

Sigh. Rent it, the beginning was good, just don’t feel bad if you get sent out for popcorn in the last 10 minutes, you aren’t missing anything…

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