Sword of the Stranger


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A samurai agrees to take a kid (and a cute dog, of course) to a temple where he can live.

I saw this in the movie theater when it was on limited release, and really enjoyed it. I have no idea why I didn’t review it then (last year) but this year, when I was setting up my Teen Anime Movie nights for the summer, it was an obvious choice.

Firstly, it’s animated. And from Japan. Both good things if I’m considering it for an anime series.

Secondly, it’s a good story- lots of fighting, good and bad guys, some amusing moments, then more fighting. The kid turns out to be important to the bad guys (who are Chinese, LOL) and who want to use his blood to make an immortality potion.

There is a gaijin (european) swordsman who finally gives our samurai hero a run for his money, a big battle scene, several smaller (but bloody) fights, and the dog doesn’t die.

All perfect for a teen movie night. And the animation is very very good.

So I saw it a second time recently…and it was still good.

If you like good animated movies, some fighting, a lot of action, and a cute dog that SURVIVES, this is a good choice.

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