Terminator 2: Judgment Day


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The Terminator is back…but this time he’s a good guy, trying to save the world from destruction.

I must admit, I didn’t really go see many explodos until my friends at the time expressed horror that I hadn’t seen the first Terminator movie, and talked me into this one…Mr. Otter and I were actually in a tiny town in Oregon with nothing to do that evening, were just taking a walk, and the only movie theatre in town was showing this movie. We walked up, and saw that it had started 10 minutes ago. Darn, we said, and started to walk off…but the owner heard us, assured us that we hadn’t missed anything important, practically ripped the money out of our hands while telling us about the first two scenes in the movie, and ushered us in…and were we glad!

This is a great flick on so many levels…serious explodo, really amusing character development, wonderful f/x, and a great antiwar message. Oh, and lots of explosions too, did I mention that?

Of course, the title drove me nuts til I finally looked it up and found out that you can correctly spell ‘Judgement’ either with or without the central e…

Every time we watch this and Arnold walks out of the bar with his ‘new’ clothes and steals the motorcycle and glasses, and the background song is ‘Bad to the Bone’, I start laughing, and every time Mr. Otter (who hates rock music, the dear misguided man) has to ask me what’s funny…it’s almost a tradition.

This one is totally great explodo, wonderful catchphrases that literally swept the country (an effect that Schwarzenegger tried to achieve in his next couple of movies and failed miserably to have again, pop culture is not controllable by mortal man) and Linda Hamilton is way buffed, very nice.

Get much popcorn and beer. Turn the volume up loud. Enjoy.

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