They Might Be Giants


George C. Scott stars in a movie about a man who thinks he is Sherlock Holmes, and the psychiatrist (Joanne Woodward) who gets caught up in his world

This is another movie that the word ‘charming’ was coined for: charming, charming, charming.

Whew. Now I’ve got that out of my system, I’ll go on. When I was a young otter, this was one of the movies that everyone in the family would watch whenever it came on, and of course it was shown at later and later times the older it got…thank goodness for the modern miracle of videorecordings and dvds, that has released us from the tyranny of television schedules!

But it was worth it.

A year after making Patton, Scott is elegant and playful in this tiny gem of a picture, a man who created his own reality when he couldn’t stand to stay in the one the rest of us share. Joanne Woodward is, as usual, brilliant as the psychiatrist who is fascinated by him, then is slowly drawn into his quest for the elusie Moriarty.

And who is to say what sanity is anyway? the nutcases in this movie are wonderful, much more likeable than any of the ‘sane’ people…

Yes, it’s dated, odd, and moves slowly, but stick with it, it’ll only get more odd…and the ending is wonderful.

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