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A documentary about the MPAA rating system that we all know and love so well…or do we?

This was just wonderful. I watched it on a night when Mr. Otter was out of town and I was (unrelatedly) going through emotional trauma, and it was just what I needed.

Firstly, it’s funny. Really really funny. The creator, Kirby Dick, was charming and interesting. He decides to find out who is behind this rating system, and in the process interviews many Hollywood filmmakers, hires private detectives, and generally has a fine time.

The movie is interesting, fast paced, funny…and thought provoking. Although Mr. Otter was completely nonplussed by it, I really didn’t know most of the stuff this film is about. I loved the interviews, and Dick’s in-your-face style. The graphics were a good addition for extra punch, and the ending was extremely interesting.

And make sure you go to the special features (the ‘shovelware’, as my soon-to-be-ex-dragon-in-law used to call them) and watch the first set of deleted scenes, where filmmakers Matt Stone, John Waters and Kevin Smith talk about scenes in their movies that did and did not pass the ratings board and why, it’s HILARIOUS.

Another good part of the shovelware is the question and answer session, which takes place in the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, a place Otter knows and loves.

This is well worth seeing, and I rate it E for Excellent. Appropriate for anyone with a brain.

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