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A hilarious sendup of 70s rock bands, music, special effects and lifestyles.

This is the first of Chris Guest’s mockumentaries, and I remember seeing it in the theater when I was dating Mr. Otter (yes, we’re that old) and loving it. Not only is it a brilliant sendup of the whole evolution of rock in the 70s- the heavy metal, the whole ‘new age’ thing, the lifestyle- but it also has wonderful songs that while hilarious are still EXACTLY like the songs they’re parodying. Amazingly good.

Everyone in this movie is perfect…the idiots in the band, the girlfriend, the producer, the agents, they all are exactly right and don’t miss a beat. The silly special effects (especially the ones that go wrong), and the dwindling and changing audiences, leading ot really low-rent venues by the end, with talk of a revival, of course…this is as good for rock as A Mighty Wind is for the folk revival of the 60s, made by the same people twenty years later.

This is a real treat, if you haven’t seen it don’t miss it. If you have…might be time to see it again…

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