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Thor has trouble in Asgard and comes to Earth.

Confession time: I loved Thor comics when I was a young Otter. I think I still have a few ripped-up and worn-out ones packed away in a box in the garage. They were GREAT at that age, and I read a bunch of them, along with the old Dr. Strange, and of course Batman, Superman and Archie. Comics were cheap and fun, and I was lucky enough to have parents who didn’t care if I read them…I read a lot of ‘real books’, so they were pretty calm about the other stuff.

So when this movie came out, I wasn’t RUNNING to the theater to see it; I was busy, and although I expected it to be fun, I didn’t think it’d be GREAT. I decided to wait til it came out on DVD.

La Cuerva and her family went to see it; the older family members were horrified that this movie was not ACTUALLY TRUE TO NORSE MYTHOLOGY, LOL. I knew it wouldn’t be, so I was okay with that. And I still wanted to see it.

So then I was going to have some time off work at home…and got this, X-Men: First Class, and Captain America from Netflix all at the same time. And then they sat on the shelf for a month, until I was exhausted from moving and unpacking, and I thought this would be great for amusement and relaxation.

Well, the relaxation part worked, this was so dull we almost fell asleep; I think Mr. Otter nodded off a couple of times, but of course we had been moving and unpacking…he was tired.

For an action movie, this was not so much of a much. Modern day people are in some frozen wasteland and run into a humanoid with their snow truck…of course it’s Thor, there are hijinks ensuing in Asgard, someone is betraying them all, and must be stopped. Which Thor does. And ends up being exiled to Earth for a time. Which ties in nicely for him to join the Avengers, the huge blockbuster coming out in May of 2012.

Because that’s all this movie really was: backstory for one of the characters in the BIG movie that comes out a year later.

How annoying. I’m surprised there aren’t Hawkeye and Black Widow movies in the works (or maybe there are, and I didn’t know…). At least the Iron Man movies were good movies in and of themselves, and we only got a teaser at the end of each when Samuel L. Jackson showed up as Nick Fury…but this one? this is as sucky as Stephen King writing an 800 page book that is just backstory for one of those damn Gunslinger books.

How about a warning label: Contents are a lead-in for another movie, don’t expect anything good here.

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