Treasure of the Sierra Madre


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From the novel of the same name by B. Traven

Three Americans down on their luck in Mexico go into bandit country to mine for gold.

Wow. Most John Huston movies are brilliant…and Bogie is, of course, wonderful…but this is one of the best ever. Not only a fascinating view of the time, from a perspective we’ve lost, of phrases and attitudes and social history, but also of Americans during this period in another country (rather than having the world by the tail, universally admired, as they are so often portrayed in other movies) who are so broke they can’t even find a meal, much less get home again.

And what characters! Walter Huston, the old coot, crazy like a fox…and Bogie as Fred C. Dobbs, whineyboy extraordinaire…all the details of finding gold and mining it, the stress they’re under, the changes they go through…and then having to get it back to ‘civilization’…

A fascinating and well made movie, with a quote that will live forever: “Badges? We don’t got no stinking badges. We don’t got to show you no stinking badges!”. And who would have guessed that that would be the case? Probably not the filmmakers…funny how that happens…

Anyway. An evening well spent.

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