Two for the Money


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Hot shot makes it big, loses it all.

Well. I knew as soon as I saw the trailers for this one that I’d have to see it. I mean, yes, it’s about <ew> football <ew>, fer cryin’ out loud! We chez otter are not what you’d call any kind of sports fans…but it had MR. DIMPLES (aka Serious Honey Matthew McConaughey) in it…and it ALSO had The Beckster’s Golden Love Object, Al Pacino.

The Beckster and I tried to find time to see it in the theatres, but we just never managed it. Then we had to wait for it to come out on DVD, and rented it on Netflix, found an evening when we (and Mr. Otter) were both free…and we were set.

But first, of course, we had to get PILES AND MOUNDS of wonderful Indian take out food and eat a whole lot of it so we could dissolve into comatose mounds in front of the tv set, since we knew that if we were mobile, we’d run away as soon as the first scene of <ew> football <ew> came on.

Well, this wasn’t a bad movie, it’s more about gambling than actual sports, although Mr. Otter confessed later that every time they started discussing who might win an actual game and why, he kind of checked out…but that was probably just self-preservation.

McConaughey is an ex-pro-football-hopeful who ends up working for a cheap 900 numbers place and predicting winning sports teams, and does so well that a major New York sports book place gets interested in him (Al Pacino, natch) and he goes there and hits the big time, crashes and burns, taking a lot of people down with him.

Mr. Dimples was pretty good in this, lots of showing of the dimples and the six-pack; Pacino was, as always, Al Pacino…I don’t think he even tries to do anything else any more. And he’s gotten some really good face lifts, although The Beckster (a fount of information on anything Pacino-related) says he’s gotten far too many of them recently.

But you know who was REALLY good in this? Rene Russo, as Al Pacino’s wife, desperately trying to keep their lives together in the midst of crazyness. She was just wonderful in this movie, and was worth all the <ew> football <ew> and sports talk and stuff.

Interesting, definitely a renter, but not a bad evening’s entertainment. Just don’t forget the Indian food, it’s a high point.

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