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An old man and a boy scout-type travel to a lost South American paradise in a house lifted by helium balloons.

It was the New Year’s Day Videofest (Theme: Flying)

Mr. Otter and I had just watched The Big Lift, which nobody else (Spider Jerusalem, Ottersis, Maid-of-Awesome and The Boyfriend) wanted to watch. The Squirrel Lady had gone home. We had time for one more movie…and this one, which is the one M-o-A really really wanted, was chosen. And everyone came wandering back into the den to join us again for our last movie of the Videofest. Nice.

Now I have to say, as much as I like animation, I have not been excited by the recent crop of animated movies. 9 was fine, but I really hated both Happy Feet and Wall-E.

So although everyone, including the aforementioned M-o-A, said Up was a wonderful movie…I was skeptical.

But they were right. Maybe not amazingly fabulously wonderful, certainly not the best movie ever, but fun. Charming in many ways. Worth seeing. Beautifully animated. I liked the talking dogs. A good movie. Okay, M-o-A?

Two side notes: I enjoyed the missing Amazon explorer, since I had just read a book about Percy Fawcett, his explorations and travels, and the ongoing search for clues about what happened to him when he disappeared in the 1920s.

Also, I love the NPR radio show Wait! Wait! Don’t tell me! and was listening to it two days later on my ipod, catching up on my podcasts, and the special guest for the December 5 show was Pete Docter, the writer and director of Up. He was very funny, and told some good stories about making this movie. You can download the podcast here!

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