Van Helsing


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SPOILER ahead, read on at your own risk.

Um…Hugh Jackman is the good guy…and there were some bad guys…and some really good special effects…and maybe some vampires or something?

Okay, I did see this a while ago, I haven’t had time for reviews in weeks…but it really did take an effort to remember anything about it except that ol’ Hugh was in it. Not a honey, but very easy on the eye.

So as I remember, there are bad vampire guys trying to kill a brother and sister, Jackman is a professional vampire killer, and he sets out to rescue them, and uncovers (and saves the world from) billions o’ ugly vampire babies.

Unlike other recent movies of this type, there were actually some amusing parts to this, Jackman is his usual professional and fun to watch self, the special effects are darn good, and although it’s kinda obvious what’s going ot happen, it wasn’t hard work getting from point A to point B. Just kind of forgettable.

Rent it, open a beer, pull a cat onto your lap, just don’t expect too much.

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