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A volcano. In LA.

Okay, I am totally shocked. Our theme for the New Year’s Day Videofest this year was Underground, and of course Mr. Otter picked this one, it’s an Otter Family Favorite. And lo and behold, I went to write my reviews of the other movies we had watched, and blithely skipped this one, because I couldn’t imagine that I hadn’t seen it since 2002, when I started writing reviews…but no! I hadn’t…so here goes.

This. is. one. of. the. best. disaster. movies. EVER.

    1. Got that? it has everything:
  1. A major metropolitan area going under, and the fact that it’s downtown LA and we know this area is only added spice for us.
  2. Reasonably believeable science/explication: unlike The Core, on whose celluloid head I will be heaping shame and ignominy when I’m NINETY, this is one you can actually suspend your disbelief for.
  3. Good special effects. Otherwise, why bother?
  4. A good script full of action. Just when you think it’s over…
  5. Actors that are fun to watch: Serious Honey Tommy Lee Jones, chewing scenery every which way. Don Cheadle, an Otter Family Favorite Actor. John Carroll Lynch, who, during our stint of addiction to Carnivale, was always referred to as ‘that guy who was in Volcano’. Even Anne Heche, She Who Is Too Thin, was good here. And a lot of the bit players are excellent.
  6. Amusing, snappy dialogue with good one-liners and not too many digressions.
  7. The Dog Doesn’t Die. This happens over and over again in this one, very good indeed.

Well, you probably get the picture. There are so few really perfect movies in the world…and for us, this is definitely one of them.

Come on over, grab a beer, pull a cat onto your lap, and we’ll watch it again. Soon.

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