What Dreams May Come


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From the novel of the same name by Richard Matheson.

A man travels from heaven through hell to find his wife and bring her back with him.

I’ll admit it: I really, really, love this movie. The ‘true love conquers all’ story. The vision of heaven as a place you make yourself. The idea of hell as a place where you’re trapped not by some medieval theology or Satan but by your own mind and patterns you can’t break. The beautiful realization of the places, both heaven and hell. The malleability of forms, both for people and places. The sheer sentimental crap of it, OK? I really do love it.

A good story with excellent plot twists, a short and sweet script, stunning visual effects, and a feel-good ending. This must have been one of Cuba Gooding’s first major roles, and he’s a TOTAL BABE here, yowza!

And where would we all be without Richard Matheson, I ask you? What an impressive resume of screenplays and novels, good and bad…so many things that have entered our pop culture, both novels and screenplays, from the Incredible Shrinking Man to the Night Stalker to The Pit and The Pendulum…keep it coming, Richard!

Grab the kleenex and enjoy!

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