What the #$*! Do We Know?


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Pseudoscience pretending to be physics.

This was such a disappointment. All the buzz I had heard on it (without actually knowing anyone who really went to see it) was that it was of the ilk of A Brief History of Time, which was wonderful.

But no.

As far as I can tell, this is a farrago of new age crap and half-truths about the universe, human brains, and quantum physics. All interspersed with wierd little vignettes that featured Marlee Matlin as someone whose life is seriously screwed up, who is looking for answers…and in between this are various talking heads holding forth about physics, how the brain works, science, stuff like that. The actual scientists who were part of this movie were not bad…but a WHOLE LOT OF SCREEN TIME was given to this woman who not only rambled and was boring…but then at the end of the movie we find out: she has no science credentials at all, but instead is CHANNELING a 35000 year old entity named Ramtha.

And in looking for more info on this woman, to get her name right for my review (she’s not mentioned in IMDB, I wonder why) I find that the film was funded by one of her rich brainwashed disciples.

Give me a break.

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