Wild Wild West


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A redo of the 70s tv series.

And what a redo! Not only are there THREE SERIOUS HONEYS in the lead roles (Kevin Kline, Will Smith and Salma Hayek) but also Kenneth Branagh as the over-the-top bad guy, and a GIANT MECHANICAL SPIDER! I mean, really, who can resist?

Nope, it didn’t get a historical no-brainer sign, it’s obviously not meant to be anything like accurate, just a whole lot of fun…and you know, as a devotee of the original show, I really really love this movie. They managed to change many things about it, and still keep the spirit of the show and the fun of it.

Every time I watch this one I like it better…the dialogue is silly and amusing (later James Bond movies could learn a thing or two from the banter), the f/x are great, the honeys are VERY honeyish, and the plot is so outrageous that it works just fine.

One of my favorite movies, I think. Watch it and laugh yourself silly.

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