The Wizard of Speed and Time


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A special-effects moviemaker tries to get a feature film made in 1980s Hollywood.

This 1989 movie includes a short of the same name made ten years earlier by Mike Jittlov. It tells about his trials and tribulations, attempting to create the eponymous movie, and the hurdles that the Hollywood system throws in his way.

Although dated (who besides this old otter remembers 16mm film cans?) the special effects, all done either manually or with a 1970s era computer, are good. The film is charming, as is Jittlov, who plays himself. A really fun romp, well worth seeing.

Except (like Nelson and Jeanette movies) you can’t. Because it’s only on laserdisc and video. If you go to amazon, you see it listed on dvd for huge, extortionate prices…but that’s because Jittlov has given consent for the movie to be downloaded via BitTorrent (here is one of the authorized sites) and unscrupulous people are trying to make a buck off it.

This is a charming movie and even in this age of incredible special effects it made me go “Wow!” several times. There is also a lot of information on Mike Jittlov’s web site about how he made it.

Worth downloading and watching!

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