The Yakuza


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A movie about Japanese gangsters and an American who gets mixed up in a vendetta

I was visiting The Barracuda and The Dog Master, and he and I got to talking about movies. He loaned me several, and this one was great.

Firstly, the star is Robert Mitchum, who I’ve always liked (and who has been promoted to Serious Honey as of 2022.)

Secondly, it’s about the Yakuza, the mafia-like Japanese gangster organization.

But thirdly and most importantly, it’s from 1974, which means that not only is it NOT solely a martial-arts fest, but also it’s an interesting, thoughtful Film Noir movie with great character development. Sure, there are kickass action scenes, but the people and what they do and why they do it is the most important part of this film. And the love story was so good, another surprising thing in an action film.

Brilliantly directed by Sidney Pollack, this was a real treat. Both Mr. Otter (who was dubious about it) and I really enjoyed it.

Oh, and the cats do just fine. Which is the part that Mr. Otter and I were concerned about, of course.

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