Witness for the Prosecution


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Tyrone Power is charged with murdering an older woman that he had befriended; Marlene Deitrich is his wife, whose testimony is the only thing that can save him…

Pretty typical Agatha Christie mystery, better than most. Plot twists galore, and a surprise ending (which we are warned during the closing credits NOT TO TELL A SOUL…)

I remembered seeing this as a young otter and thinking it was very good…and I was not far wrong. Marlene Deitrich is going down the road of too many face lifts, and her impersonation of a lower-class English girl is ludicrous, but otherwise, she wasn’t too bad…and Tyrone Power, although past his peak of good looks, is good for the role he plays. And Charles Laughton, what a delight to watch and listen to. Worth watching for him alone, as is anything he did. Not to mention Elsa Lanchester as his overprotective nurse, their byplay is classic.

Stands up well to the test of time, worth seeing (or seeing again).

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