Yellow Submarine


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True confession time: I am completely indifferent to the Beatles, both the phenomenon, and their music. Yeah, I’ll sing along with Obladi, Obladah on the radio, and I like Let It Be if I’m in the right mood, but if I never heard another Beatles song again in my life, it really wouldn’t matter to me at all.

All of that aside, I love this movie. I’ve loved it since I first saw it as a tiny otter of 8 years old, when it was new, and still loved seeing it for the umpteenth time on DVD at home last Friday night, with young friends who had never heard of it.

Yes, the animation is very old fashioned, although it’s still pretty darn imaginative, and was cutting-edge in many ways when new. There are many pseudo-psychedelic scenes, and the jokes are corny…nevertheless, this one is a winner. Fun to watch, easy on the ears, good and amusing dialogue…if only the Beatles had been like this in real life…

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