Zombie Strippers


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A strip club where the girls are turning into zombies and the customers love it.

A great big shout-out to Miz Shoes in Miami for recommending this one- even Mr. Otter (who totally doesn’t get the whole zombie thing) liked it, as a Commentary On Our Times (because of what the bad guy says at the end).

The government has a zombie disease that they are trying to use to create super soldiers that won’t stop even after they’re dead, but of course something goes horribly wrong. A stripper ends up getting it, turns to a zombie…and the customers go wild. Should the other girls turn into zombies too?

A hilarious treatment of the whole zombie thing, with real ztripper/pole dancers in the lead roles, very nice. And Robert Englund plays the scummy club owner, totally not to be missed.

Having said that, this is bloodier and grosser than many zombie movies, be warned that it’s not for the weak of stomach…but if your sense of humor is sufficiently twisted, you’ll love this.

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