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The survivors of the zombie apocalypse band together to try and reach an amusement park. Trust me, it makes sense in context.

I was visiting Ottersis and helping her pack to move, and of course we talked nonstop. Except when we stopped to have a movie night with our friend Spider Jerusalem. And during dinner (wonderful Indian food) talk turned to, well, movies. You have to see Zombieland, they said. We saw it the other night, it was GREAT.

Okay, I said, I’ll put it on my Netflix queue.

No, no, no! they said. it’s IN THEATERS.

Whoa, I said, you guys managed to find time to go to a MOVIE THEATER? for they are great at-home-video-night-with-ethnic-takeout-food-at-one-or-the-other-of-their-houses buddies.

Yes, they said, that’s how good it is!

Well. With a recommendation like that, how could I resist? I left Ottersis’ house and took the Metrolink to Riverside, where The Barracuda was waiting for me.

And we had a fine time that weekend, and in the midst of the frivolity, she and the Dog Master and I went to see this.

And I have to say, Ottersis and Spider Jerusalem were in no way wrong.

This is a funny, hip, fast moving zombie picture that is worthy to take its place in the pantheon of the New Zombie Movie. Woody Harrelson is tough and funny, the kid (Jesse Eisenberg) is nerdy and hilarious, and the girls are excellent. Traveling across a zombie-decimated country, having adventures on the way, trying to get somewhere else, and everyone ends up at a Disneyland-lookalike amusement park just in time for (and you know this is coming all the way through) The Big Shootout.

Absolutely hilarious, well written, a complete joy.


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