A Goofy Movie


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Goofy decides he and his teenage son need to bond, so he forces the kid to take a road trip with him.

Christmas Day. Maid-of-Awesome and her husband Soccer Sam invited us over for a delicious dinner, and we were sitting around talking afterwards. It was a lovely quiet day, and we all felt like a movie. MoA had mentioned that this was one of her favorite childhood movies and was surprised I had never seen it, so we cranked it up.

And it was better than I expected, not being a big fan of the whole Disney schtick.

One of the things I liked about it is that it’s old enough to really look like a cartoon, instead of the more and more real-looking animated movies of modern days, where they spend a boatload of money on the look of the movie and maybe not so much on a good storyline or good writing.

And it’s a road trip, which is something Mr. Otter and I love; we take road trips whenever we can. And I love stopping for stupid stuff- I would so have pulled over for the Possum Museum! so we laughed at that.

But the characters are really good- Goofy, his teenage son and the girl his son is crazy about are all good characters, and we liked them. Especially the relationship between Goofy and son. Very very nice, and the reconciliation at the end was good, even if the big denouement was resolved amazingly suddenly. But it’s a cartoon, sure, whatever.

Charming and funny. Perfect for Christmas. Thanks, Maid-of-Awesome!

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