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Um, it’s the future, and you only get to live 26 years because at 25 a clock on your arm starts counting down and when it hits zero you die so everyone uses time as currency and there’s lots of shooting.

Yes, well. I had gotten this from netflix because it looked like pretty good explodo.

And there were lots of explosions, gunshots and chases. Oh yes.

realpolPlot? not so much, the reality police hauled everyone away. I mean, okay, I’m always willing to suspend my disbelief for one thing if it’s intelligently carried out- sure, everyone has a clock, there’s only so much time, you can spend it for stuff. But at the point where there’s an authority at Greenwich that doles out time and there are these counters that you can use to add time to your clock and it’s like a bank and they control the supply because BASICALLY THEY’RE JUST THE FED AND ALL THE WRITERS DID WAS WRITE A GANGSTER MOVIE AND REPLACE ALL THE MONEY WITH TIME… that was where it hit the ground with a large THUD.

And none of this was helped by the fact that it was Christmas Eve, I had gotten up at 6:30 a.m. to get to the Red Cross by 7 for apheresis, and was watching this thing with needles in my arms…sheesh.

At least it kinda kept my interest. I liked Justin Timberlake, truth to tell, and it was amusing to see Amanda Seyfried here and in Les Misérables within two days…but otherwise? this one was pretty stoo-pid, as we say Chez Otter. Skip it and get some good explodo.

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