Withnail and I


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Two young out-of-work actors hanging out for the summer. Lots of drugs and alcohol.

This is one of The Squirrel Lady’s favorite movies. She has often talked about how much she loves it and how odd and charming it is. She loaned it to us, and as is our wont, it got put at the bottom of the stack.

Then it was the weekend before Christmas.

We saw The Hobbit. We saw Hyde Park on Hudson. We tried to watch Magic Mike and couldn’t stand it. We were desperate for something we LIKED.

And I pulled this out and said, we’re seeing her tomorrow night. Why don’t we try watching it, and if it’s a fourth sucky movie, we’ll just read a book instead?

So we put it on. It’s odd. The two main characters, the eponymous Withnail and the narrator, who is unnamed (really. in IMDB he’s listed as “…and I”.) have rather thick brit accents. They drink a lot (a LOT) and use a lot of drugs. They get in wierd situations. They go away and inhabit a friend’s cottage in the middle of nowhere with hilarious results. They are hapless, cute, charming idiots in many ways.

And yet…charming is the best word. We kept saying, What the hell? but kept watching them go from one contretemps to the next, and really really liked them and the movie. Loved the ending. And, well, the bad mojo of the weekend was broken and we are very grateful to the Squirrel Lady for introducing us to this odd, quirky but wonderful movie.

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