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Aliens come to Earth. What shall we do with them?

I was going to the Red Cross for Apheresis (which takes two hours, and you get to watch a movie while they take out all your blood, put it through a machine and put it back in) and Spider Jerusalem recommended this, which he promised would not be oogie.

Oh, I said, I remember when that came out, I wanted to see it- it’s an alien movie.

Well, said SJ, yes, but it’s kind of different. You’ll see.

And I did, and (no spoilers here, I promise) it starts as kind of a documentary about aliens being brought to earth in a giant spaceship that is hovering over Johannesburg. We break in and find lots of them in bad shape, starving and what-not. So of course they’re brought to earth…and put in a relocation camp.

And it’s an indie movie, which means that the WHOLE THING cost only 30 million dollars, which in these days is not much money at all, especially given how well made and believeable it is, and how good the special effects are for that little money.

Not only was this pretty gross and violent and good explodo, but interesting social commentary. A good choice, SJ!

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