Wreck-It Ralph


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The bad guy in an arcade game wants to change his life.

It was movie and junk food night chez Otter, and it was Spider Jerusalem’s choice. He picked Yiassoo for dinner, an EXCELLENT way to go, and this movie (the other possibility was The Perks of Being A Wallflower, which we’ll catch some other time.)

I had never heard of this, but he told me the plot outline, and I was totally hooked.

And it was fun! Bad guy turns good, charming characters, great animation. Otter Family Favorite Actor Alan Tudyk (voicing King Candy). A good and funny plot, a girl (Jane Lynch) kicking ass. Some great lines and references. What more could you ask?

Warning: have some candy on hand, a lot of the movie takes place in a candyland racing game…I had to break out the jelly hearts and nom nom nom.

A fun evening’s entertainment!

One Response to Wreck-It Ralph

  1. I was pleasantly surprised by how well done this movie turned out to be – in fact, I watched it at the library, then brought it home and watched again with Syl. It was really fun, actually. So…we agree on ONE movie so far. LH

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