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The third, and probably last, in the Iron Man franchise. And an excellent addition to the series.

Spider Jerusalem: Iron Man 3 is opening this coming Friday.

Me: Mr. Otter and I are out of town for the weekend, and I hate seeing stuff opening weekend. How about Monday?

SJ: Done.

And it was perfect. We went to our favorite Emporium du Movies, had excellent pizza for dinner and I smuggled in a huge pile of sugar and ate it all before the movie started. There was hardly anyone else in the theater except a full row of twentysomethings hooting and bellowing before the movie started; I was very pleased that they were PERFECTLY BEHAVED during the movie, I actually thanked them and told them I’d go to the movies with them anytime. They were amused.

But how was the movie?

EXCELLENT. Worthy. Full of plot twists and character development. Enough explosions to make even an otter happy. Good actors who were a joy to see- Don Cheadle and Ben Kingsley were wonderful, and even Guy Pearce didn’t annoy me as much as he generally does. Gwyneth Paltrow was fine, she actually got to do something this time. Good writing, which is rare in the current crop of superhero movies- only The Avengers and these Iron Man movies make that a priority.

So yes, the otter loved it, will buy all three and is already planning a marathon. You coming over for it?

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