Carmen (1984)


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A factory worker and the guys who love her. It ends badly, of course…it’s opera.

Mr. Otter and I saw a version of Carmen in the early ’80s that we have always remembered, that was set during the Spanish Civil War, and I thought this might be it…but no.

Although this was very good- the principals were very watchable, Julia Migines-Johnson was adorable, and the settings (locations rather than a stage) were really nice.

The subtitles (and there was no choice in this, they were a part of the movie) were evidently put there by a brit, some of the words and phrasings were really odd to American viewers (at least THESE American viewers…) But they got the job done. Would have been nice being able to choose French and actually see what they were singing, but no.

Not the we were looking for, but very watchable and enjoyable. If you like opera, which I generally don’t- Carmen is an exception.

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