John Dies at the End


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From the novel by the same name by David Wong

This is just too wierd to describe, but mostly it’s about a new drug that lets aliens take over people’s bodies. And talking dogs. And paranormal stuff. And a lot of other things.

Spider Jerusalem emailed me.

SJ: They’re making a movie of John Dies at the End (a book he had recommended to me and we had both enjoyed.)

Me: There’s no way I could see it, it’d be WAAAAAAY too oogie for me. (what are oogies?)

SJ: Yeah, I know. I’ll watch it and let you know.

(time passes)

SJ: Bought it, saw it. I don’t think it’ll be too oogie for you.

Me: You gotta be kidding.

SJ: Srsly.

Me: Okay, but if it’s oogie I walk out.

So last night SJ came over, movie in hand, and we watched it. There was one thing that was a little, WHOA. But then there were beautiful snakes, so that was okay. There was another scene where someone who is dead immediately gets up and starts walking and talking.

I should be out of here by now, I said. This is interesting, no oogies.

Maybe you’ve outgrown them, he said.

Hm. We’ll see.

Oh, you want to know about the movie? Gross, fun, witty.

It kind of reminded me of Philip Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, although better written than ASD…or should I say that ASD reminded me of JDATE, since I read this one first.

I liked the actors they hired (and Paul Giamatti, who was also executive producer (because the verb “executive produced” DOES NOT EXIST IN ANY UNIVERSE))  and the editing they did to make a very odd book into a coherent story for the movies. It’s a little more amusing and tongue-in-cheek than the book; more like the book with a splash of Evil Dead II: Dead by Dawn added. Not a bad thing.

Read the book first, it’ll mess with your mind. Then enjoy the movie, it’s fun.

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