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Okay. So it’s M. Night Shyamalan. You know there’ll be a twist, because that’s all he does/knows/is willing to do.

And Spider Jerusalem says, you know what’s going on when the movie starts, but it’s not bad.

So I was at the red cross to do apheresis donation (two hours in a chair with needles in my arms) and didn’t bring my own movie. I went through all the movies they had available, and I found The Hurt Locker, and The Bucket List, both of which I wanted to see but both looked sad, and the last movie you want to watch with your hands otherwise occupied is something sad, believe me. Personal experience.

Then I saw this…perfect! Not too long, not too engaging, good people in it. So I watched it.

And indeed, there were good people in it. And the twist was good, actually.

But wait! here’s ANOTHER twist! Mwah hah hah! And ANOTHER ONE! and at that point, I said, nope. Done.

I am finished with M. Night Shamalamadingdong. I’m tired of him trying to relive his triumph with Sixth Sense. I’m tired of movies that might otherwise have been good that are hijacked by his need to try to astonish his audience. I’m tired of him wasting his fine directorial abilities on this endless quest to relive his past.

I’m done with him. Just sayin’.

But not a bad movie, the stupidity of the twists aside.

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