Star Trek: Into Darkness

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The second in the Star Trek reboot…the one we’ve all been waiting for!

And now I’m going to give you all a BIG OL’ SPOILER











Really. Huge SPOILER coming.











I’m giving you a chance to go somewhere else, because you don’t want to accidentally see the immense


I’m about to drop. Really. You don’t. Unless you’ve already seen the movie.











Okay, don’t say you weren’t warned. Ready? Here it comes:

Yes, exactly. “No way!” that was my reaction too. And of course he doesn’t, they have already set up the way they bring him back from the brink of death.

It is, as Ottersis calls it, Benjie-peril, where innocent/gullible/easily deluded watchers are led to believe that something awful is going to happen….and it’s averted at the last second.

The makers of one of the most anticipated movies of 2013 (and that’s really saying something, IMHO, it’s a heck of a movie year) had nothing better to do with this movie than waste HALF AN HOUR OF IT on BENJIE-PERIL.

I was sitting in the theater with Mr. Otter and Spider Jerusalem, enjoying this movie and especially Benedict Cumberbatch (don’t you just love that name?) as the villain, mildly amused at the role he was playing, going along for the ride…when the BP sequence started. OMG, I thought, surely they’re not going to jerk us around like this, make it look like he’s going to die with appropriate emoting from all characters, and then miraculously save him? And then (as I watched the movie) I thought about how cool it would be if they ACTUALLY KILLED OFF KIRK and kept the series going without him…it would cause a huge furor, and would require some damn good writing in the next couple of movies, but it would be a SERIOUS reboot.

But no. Benjie-peril averted, nobody important is killed, the universe is saved, all is well.

Except that I was extremely disappointed.

Good actors, amazing F/X, good plot up to the last trite and annoying half hour…go see it but don’t expect it to be as good as the first one…because it’s not anywhere NEAR that.

Ah well. Summer beckons, I’m sure there will be good explodo coming along to make me forget this…

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