The Outlaw Josey Wales


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From the novel Gone to Texas by Forrest Carter

It’s a Clint Eastwood western, nuf sed. But a pretty good one. Northern raiders kill his family during the Civil War, so of course he joins the Southern raiders; after the war, he’s on the run, but finally finds a girl and a family, and they stop the bad guys who are still chasing him.

One of the spate of reformist westerns made in the 70s, meant to show more depth of character than the old-style fare- Native Americans are allowed to have personalities and reasonable needs/wishes/motivations; girls are allowed to kick ass; bad guys are good and good guys are bad.

I saw this several times when it came to commercial TV in the 80s, and haven’t watched it in at least 15 years; glad to see it holds up pretty well.

But Chief Dan George really does steal the show.

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