Despicable Me


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An archvillain ends up adopting three orphan girls to succeed in one of his schemes. You know where that’s gonna go.

For a couple of years, I’ve been seeing these cute little guys all over the internets:


And sure, they’re adorable (see? they’re making a HEART…) but whatevs, the internet is full of squee.

Then I visited Ottersis in June, at the same time that Spider Jerusalem was there. And the night before I arrived, they had watched this and were raving about how funny and cute it was.

So when SJ and I got home, I emailed Craftygirl and said, want to come over for junk food and we’ll watch this? And we did.

And everyone was right, it is adorable. Evil archvillian with tons of cute little minions doing his bidding (the little yellow guys.) ends up

The animation is wonderful (and, amazingly enough, is NOT Disney or Pixar!) , the story is funny albeit kinda predictable, the characters are good, and the jokes are actually funny.

This one was a winner! I can’t wait to show it to Mr. Otter, he’ll like it too.

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