The Time-Traveler’s Wife


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From the novel of the same name by Audrey Niffenegger.

Clare is married to/in love with/lives her life around Henry, who involuntarily travels back and forth in time, over about a hundred year span, returning over and over to seminal events in his life. many of which involve Clare at different times in her life.

My book and movie discussion group chose this for our monthly meeting. I had read it ten years before, when it was a bestseller, and I said to everyone, it’s very good and I loved it, but it’s so sad, I cried all the way through it…which was true, and what I remembered of reading it.

And I reread it…and, ten years later, ten years older, not (as before) at such a highly emotional and sleep deprived time in my life, and remembering in general what happened in the book…I didn’t cry all the way through it this time.


I did, however, greatly enjoy rereading it- the writing is excellent, full of details that really convey each time and place, and good  characters. It was a joy to reread, and I’m glad we picked it. And Henry is a librarian, bonus points there to the writer, who does a good job making his librarianship credible.

The movie? it’s good. There’s no way it can convey the deep emotional attachment one has to the characters, the movie is too short and there is no good way for the viewer to hear their internal monologues; nevertheless, they managed to make a good, and coherent, movie of it.

But really? the book was so much better, the only reason for watching this is Eric Bana. He could show up naked in my meadow anytime. Woof!

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