Much Ado About Nothing


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A film version of the play by William Shakespeare.

So last summer, everyone was talking about The Avengers.

But those of us who love Joss Whedon and all his creation were also talking about the movie that he made when he took a two week break from Avengers…and (after a year of impatience) here it is.

And it was worth every bit of the eager anticipation. Because this movie is a gem.

And I say this as an Otter who DOES NOT LIKE most of the Shakespeare comedies. Sure, something with some meat to it, like Measure for Measure or Tempest, I’m fine with that…but shoot me in the head before I willingly pay to see Midsummer Night’s Dream even one more time.

So for me to see one of the plays that I have seen far too many times, that I can’t keep straight from the other four or five just like it, that I am NOT a fan of…and to say that it is a gem, lovely, brilliant, and that I can’t wait to own it and see it again and again…that will tell you how wonderful it is.

Whedon edited the play down to make it flow better, which is totally fine; the only time I’ve ever seen a ‘complete’ Shakespeare play was Branagh’s Hamlet, and even then he had to use fancy sets and cinematography to make it watchable. Editing it right, though, is not easy…but Whedon makes it LOOK easy.

The main actors are well known in the Whedonverse- Mr. Otter and Spider Jerusalem and I kept pointing out people we recognized. But all of them were perfect for their parts, and all of them were good.

The movie is in modern dress, and was shot in two weeks, in black and white, at Joss Whedon’s own house.  It’s simple, elegant, and perfectly done.

And I have used all the superlatives in my bag. I have nothing bad to say about this movie except that I am afraid that it may be the only time this amazing man will find time to do Shakespeare and do it right…and that makes me sad.

See it. Love it. Show it to someone you want to make happy.

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