The Greatest Movie Ever Sold


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Morgan Spurlock makes a movie about product placement in movies…that’s funded by product placement.

I really enjoyed Super Size Me and am interested in how the business of movies works in general, so one night when Mr. Otter (who was not interested in seeing this) was out, I put it on and was highly amused.

Morgan Spurlock is a good documentary maker- not as annoying as Michael Moore (and who is, anyway?), amusing, and willing to make a fool of himself for a good reason. In this film, he brings his camera crew along to see him try to get backing; his goal was for the whole film to be funded by sponsors who would pay for their products to be featured, including three thirty-second commercials and other advertising, and to film the whole process.

Which he does. He meets with lawyers and ad agencies, he pitches his ideas (obviously recreated for the camera, but well done) and includes the stuff he is contractually obligated to include (like a certain number of shots at a gas station/convenience store chain that has given him funding). He also reads parts of the contracts for the camera, with commentary.

The history of product placement in movies is also covered, as well as egregious examples from current films.

A well-made, enjoyable and interesting film!

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