Troll Hunter


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What do you think it’s about? A troll hunter in Norway.

I was visiting Otterbro and The Mermaid and we felt like a movie. Have you seen this one? they asked…it sounded familiar (turns out Mr. Otter and Spider Jerusalem had watched it one weekend when I wasn’t home) but I had not seen it.

And it was really much better than I expected or than it looked, starting out.

College students with hand-held video cameras find and follow and ultimately help out a modern day troll hunter, who works for the government. There have been several attacks on livestock and people, and he finally traces the problems (after stalking and killing several different kinds of trolls) to one particular place, and they all take care of business.

A really good example of this sort of movie, which all of us have seen way too many bad examples of. The ‘shakycam’ footage is not too bad, and the subtitles (the movie is in Norwegian) are good and colloquial. The actors were very good, and the trolls were really well done- believeable enough without being such good f/x that they made the rest of the movie look bad.

The government control of trolls, their habitats, and their interactions with humans were also really well described, as were the interviews with the people who the group comes in contact with; the vet was awesome, she was so real and believable.

And beautiful landscapes. Which are MUCH too cold for Otter ever to want to visit.

A good movie, amazingly enough!

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