The World’s End


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Five old friends get back together after 30 years to finish a pub crawl they attempted when young.

If you’ve never seen other Simon Pegg movies of this type, or not seen any of the trailers, there might be SPOILERS ahead.

Mr. Otter, Spider Jerusalem and I saw this last night at our local big-screen emporium du movies (which now costs TWELVE BUCKS!!! oh my god!) On the way home, we dissected it, and Mr. Otter said something to the effect of, it would have been better without the aliens, I didn’t expect them.

SJ and I looked at him like he had grown a second head.

Of course it had aliens, we said, didn’t you see the TRAILERS? It’s a SIMON PEGG movie…explosions! Aliens! Wierd stuff!

But I know what he meant.

This was a fun movie…great dialogue, good characters, lots of action and explodo, and Simon Pegg is adorable, as is Nick Frost. But the movie kind of fell apart after they confronted the aliens…it was like they didn’t really know how to end it and just tacked something on. Amusing, but not a great ending.

This was fun to see in the big theater- the shift from pathetic loser trying to have one more good time (and some closure) in his life, to drunken old friends dealing with the past, to running from the bad guys to trying to save the world worked well, and was great to watch…I just wish the ending had been more satisfying.

Ah well. At least they threw some Kurt Weill into the soundtrack, that does make me happy.

Worth seeing, maybe not one to buy, but great for an evening of beer and movies.

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