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What if you could travel in time, but only backwards into your own life, to fix things (or just relive them)?

I am a fan of Richard Curtis. Many of you will have no idea who I am talking about, of course. But if I told you he co-wrote the Blackadder series, and wrote Four Weddings and a Funeral and the perennial joy that is Love Actually, you would say, RICHARD CURTIS IS GOD.

Or something to that effect.

Yeah, he’s done some other stuff. I haven’t seen Notting Hill, I hear it wasn’t very good. And he did some movie about a horse in WWI, and I’m pretty sure I know how that one ended without having to see it. Not well for the horse, I’m sure.

But anyway. Spider Jerusalem and I were at our local emporium du movies and watching the endless trailers that are there to lure you into wanting to see whatever godawful stuff they are touting at that particular moment. And we saw a trailer for this. And we both said, that looks pretty good. Bill Nighy, I said. Time travel, he said. And then we saw that Richard Curtis had written it.

And a while later, soon after it came out, it turned out that Mr. Otter and I had the day off but the housecleaners were coming that afternoon. I checked movie times, and we saw a double feature- Ender’s Game and this. And Spider Jerusalem ditched work and joined us for this, and we all had a good time.

Because given the silly premise that makes no sense (male-linked time travel ability, with some things you can change and some you can’t) it was indeed charming. Good characters, good situations, Bill Nighy being his eccentric and wonderful self, Rachel McAdams being charming and adorable, and a lovely ending, with a good moral: live and enjoy and appreciate every day to the fullest for its own sake.

This didn’t seem to get much word of mouth, and it’s not the absolutely amazingly funny brilliance that marks his best two movies…but this was good, fun to watch, totally worth your time and money. Enjoy.

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