Thor: The Dark World


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The second in the Thor series, and part of what is becoming a pretty impressive set of interwoven movie plots and characters.

Um, Thor has to kick a lot of bad guy butts and his girlfriend is in danger…and Loki is evil…and it looks like everything will be destroyed…until…

Yeah, you know the plot. And we all saw the TOTAL SUCKFEST that was the first Thor movie. It wasn’t as bad as Captain America, but it was pretty damn bad.

And then…there was The Avengers. And Chris Hemsworth was pretty good in that. And Tom Hiddleston as Loki? Oh my god, he was AWESOME. The perfect bad guy. Just….perfect.

So they started advertising this movie, and first I was all, nah, the first one sucked.

Then I saw that his girlfriend was going to end up in Asgard, and that had possibilities.

Then I saw the trailer with Loki, and I was hooked. Sure, for Tom Hiddleston I’ll do it. Okay.

So Spider Jerusalem and I saw it a couple of days after it opened.

And I couldn’t believe it. IT WAS ACTUALLY PRETTY DARN GOOD.

I mean, we’re not talking AWESOME here, it’s not The Avengers or anything…but it actually had a good strong plot, the characters were very watchable, and best of all, the writers kept the dialog to a minimum.

No declamations, no poncing around proclaiming things, no monologing, no gloating, no stupid speeches. The dialog was relatively terse, to the point, and actually conveyed something to the audience each time. The actors were good. The special effects and settings were really good.

I was VERY PLEASED. I would gladly go see this movie again (unlike the first one). I….ENJOYED this movie.

And you will too. Go see it, rent it, or come on over and we’ll get some chocolate and put cats on our laps and have a good time watching it again.

And whatever Spider Jerusalem says about Natalie Portman, I’ll take Jaime Alexander over her any day. Any day that I can’t have Tom Hiddleston, that is…

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